The Photographer

For me, art has always been something uncertain; something vague and organic. My creative process is ironic because it is based on these uncertainties, but often ends up giving a concrete and visually explicit result. I work with no established framework. I plan little, letting things be expressed and expressed  as they come. I ask questions and make decisions that guide the creative process at every step of the process.

My training in film has some influence on my decisions and my technical composition. Whatever the subject photographed, I’m usually inspired by the colors, light and strong contrasts. My work is a constant search for a possible balance between technical mastery and artistic “let-go”.

Many people ask me if I make less artistic photos for families, groups or even individual portraits. Yes! I can do artistic portrait but less experimental and less abstract in these cases. I’m always open to discuss about your needs and offer you my suggestions to ensure that your projects are unique and unusual.

You can contact me via the contact form or by phone on 514-236-6565.